monday mornings are not optional

I awoke to a loud bang early this morning. It is remarkable only because it was a loud bang and not stress or an over active chain of thoughts which woke me. The last time an explosion rocked the neighborhood a neighbor down the street was having their door blown in by an ATF concussion device. No, I live in a fairly quiet neighborhood. I found it almost eerily quiet when we first moved from the Bronx. I have acclimated and sleep fairly well without the constant rattling of the elevated line, the symphony of car alarms and ridiculously wired car audio systems.

“Did you hear that?” a voice from the darkness. “Yes, did you hear that?” another voice from the darkness.

“What time is it?” dim shadow. “I don’t know; it looks like the power is out.” another dim shadow.

“Go outside and see what it was!?” sleepy wife. “It was probably a transformer; we have no power. I’ll go look.” me.

As I walk through the house there are beeps and chirps as the electronics begin to realize they are cut off from their lifelines. The clocks all blink; all of them are wrong. It is light out. I open the door. Blinding light and a caucophony of crows shrieking. As my eyes adjust I see a single black lump lying motionless on the sidewalk not far from the front door. I do not see smoke; I imagine the dead crow to be smoldering. I can only guess at what happened.

“What is it?” wide awake wife. “I think a crow short circuited the transformer on the street.” me.

“Should we call someone?” wide awake wife.

After listening to the electric companies “We are experiencing temporary outages in Northern parts of the city.” I reach a human. “I think A crow took out a transformer in my neighborhood.” I relay the address; the representative says a crew is out already; they are investigating. I relay the address again. Perhaps they do not have to investigate. Maybe they can come to where the transformer is blown. It then dawns on me…we are under attack. Crows have orchestrated a full scale attack on the neighborhood and are systematically taking out transformers all over the city. “Thank you for your concern sir, the shortage should be temporary.” I hang up.

“When will the power come back on?” wide awake. “I don’t know.” me.

“How will we wake up on time?”  We both laugh.

I try not to think about the last thoughts of the crow as I try to get back to sleep.

I think they went like this…

Warm. Food. Warm. Breeze. Warm. Buddies. Family. Warm. Shiny. Nice Click. Click. Click. POP.


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