back to school; lunch and a full blown rant

I remember the excitement and terror as a young boy heading out into the crisp New England air on the first day of school. My family at my side; we would head for the bus stop, and I would prepare myself for the raucous ride of a few towns to the regional middle school. The bus would stop at each of the town centers and a load of kids would pile on both friends and rivals. I would check to make sure I had pencils, notebooks, erasers, hole punches, rulers and lunch.

Many of the kids would have no lunch pail; they were the lucky ones who would be grabbing the school provided salisbury steak, butterscotch pudding and deep fried tater tots. I had a home made lunch with pumpernickel or whole wheat bread, meatloaf & fresh tomato sandwiches, home baked cookies, fresh fruits and vegetables. I was so envious and knew I would be teased; many of the kids would never have seen or heard of pumpernickel bread. Some of them used racial slurs to describe my sandwiches. Lunch time was the period which separated the predators from the prey and I thank my lucky stars that I was always to stupid to be afraid of anyone or anything. I would fight at the drop of a dime to defend the honor of my home made meals. I often got to spend my lunch at the supervised table with rougher crowd. By the end of each year the crew was trading pudding for home baked cookies and pizza for fresh ground cashew butter on rice cakes.

So what does this have to do with anything? I have found that I get totally stoked about lunch. I have been making some pretty elaborate and easy to put together little dittys and I think I want to share my crazy. I hope to sustain this for a bit or at least until I run out of things to cook and jam into a lunch container. So look out for future posts with pictures, ingredients, recipes and rants.



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