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The eat food category will often be a blend of my finds, opinions, experiments, food rants, general cooking finds, recipes (sometimes pilfered and modified), and as often as I can I will give credit where credit is due.

My journey with food has been an interesting one. I had parents who loved to cook. I was exposed to very good food as I grew up. My mother and father were always concerned with providing healthy ingredients, minimally processed food, and home made meals as often as possible. Growing up we moved around a bit and I was exposed to many non- traditional (by today’s standards) facets of food.

As a small boy my father worked summers  in a restaurant in Provincetown, Massachusetts. I spent a lot of time playing on the beach in front of the restaurant, in the kitchen, and eating delicious food. I watched fish being unloaded from boats right onto the deck the restaurant was on, watched vast quantities of huge white button mushrooms floating in large metal pots and listened to the din and shouting.

In my preteens we moved to Boston where I was exposed to all that was available at the time. We were not wealthy, but we ate well. When possible my parents took us out to eat at different restaurants; I remember Italian in the North End (Pizza from Regina’s especially), Indian in Central Square, all the food at Faneuil Hall and Hay Market. We lived in a small Italian and Portuguese neighborhood in East Cambridge and often remember walking to the live chicken store to get a fresh chicken for dinner, or picking up a loaf of Italian bread (whole wheat) for something like 50 cents.

We still spent summers on the Cape where my friends and I all worked in the restaurants to make money. I still to this day do not like cleaning ovens (walk in or not).

My teen years were spent in Philadelphia where I was a little more independent in my eating. I spent a lot of time out and about on weekends and was able to misbehave on a fairly grand scale, soda, cheese steaks, but was also exposed to friends family cooking, some pretty amazing. We also lived right down the street from one of the most amazing food coops I have ever witnessed. I worked there sometimes as part of our membership dues and learned a bit about good food, grass roots organizations, and community.

I moved to New York for College and learned the meaning of bad eating and drinking habits. I learned the power of sugar, caffeine, white flour, processed food and alcohol.

After college I moved to NYC where the world of food blew wide open for me.

Throughout my young “adulthood” I had wonderful food; I ate above my means in places I could not afford to visit. I was provided amazing meals by some of the best gallery owners in NYC (while working as an art preparator) from some of the greatest restaurants. I frequented restaurants in the city with great friends. I continued to learn to cook.

Years later; I think now, as painful as it is, I must admit I am an adult (with no quotations). I have worked hard, played hard, and consumed a lot of food.

I am thankful for the breadth of my experiences, and aware that I have much to learn. I hope that I can share some of these experiences past, current and future with whomever cares to read these posts.


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