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Picking up where I left off

March 28, 2011

So you pulled out all the stops and created a masterpiece of soup goodness from the residuals in your fridge. You have been thrifty and have minimized your waste stream. Now you want to bring it to work and flaunt your bad ass lunch prowess, but you remember the last time. You carefully poured your soup into a nice airtight container, you put the container into a leftover plastic grocery bag and you sailed out to work. Just knowing that lunch would be warm hearty soup with a bit of crusty bread made you feel mega wholesome with a tinge of warm fuzzy.

You arrived at work and settled down to the business of the day. The knowledge of your soup might even have added to your efficiency.

As you all knew it would, disaster struck when you opened your away bag. It was well marinated in a fragrant bath of soup stock and expertly minced veggies and food bits. You winced as you pulled your laptop from its protective sleeve, hoping that it was not moist, and that for the next six months you wouldn’t get a faint scent of rotting tomato every time you hit the a key. You tossed the paper work which had hidden in the darkest corners of your bag for days (you should not have taken that home anyway if you were practicing good life/work balance). Perhaps worst of all you peaked into the plastic grocery bag and see that the lid is still securely fastened and has protected your now meager lunch.

How did this happen? Honestly it can only be expressed as the workings of dark and ancient magic. To make it worse, the universe just did not take a shine to you today. It will pass. The smell of your bag and belongings may be forever altered, but your luck will change for the better. I am certain of it.

Is the solution to abstain from soup goodness? My answer is a defiant no. I recently tried an experiment which is so profoundly simple that it brings up the image of Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High with the slip on Vans.

1. Fill your container almost all the way to the top, leave a little room for expansion (especially if it is glass) and freeze the soup the night before.

2. Pack your container of block hard soup in a bag and stow it in your bag.

3. Let it thaw at your desk and heat at lunch time.

The added benefit of not having to carry a cold pack is an added bonus.

Note: Pasta can do strange things when frozen so you can always add before heating if desired.

Soup recipes to follow in future posts.



someone had to do it

April 16, 2010

Someone had to do a follow up to one of the finest books written in NYC in the last decade;

and here it is…

If you find yourself in need  of a watering hole, or the rat worm is trying to gnaw its way through your stomach lining, treat this brilliant project as your go to guide.